So today I started off great by eating powdered doughnuts for breakfast. Then I entered the chat and changed my avatar to an amazing pic that I hope my friends Echo and Chey like. Echo has been one of my best friends since I joined Wikia, which was not too long ago. Chey just became my sister recently too. I love both of them and hope that they continue to enjoy my friendship. But ANYWAY, getting back to the point, I just noticed that my teacher has a perm and now she looks like a man. She should really puts her braids back in. Not trying to be mean, but my mom says I have an honesty problem, so now I'm gonna be honest about things. I live in an awesome area in Myrtle Beach! I live right near the beach, so I get to enjoy the sound of the waves swishing as I lull off to sleep. I made new friends in school today too! Something funny happened in the lunchroom too! A kid was sitting at the table with his pants jacked down so far we could almost see his entire butt! So far, it's been the best day, until I received a text from Mana saying that she would hack me. Lord help me, but if I hadn't been in such a good mood, she probably would have been cussed out. But, I kept my cool and just blocked her instead. I suddenly feel sorry for Amanda though, she was told by Mana to bully me. She told me that she really wants to be my friend. And now that we're friends, Mana isn't happy. More info about his tommorow!